Degassing of…
Tanks, Pipelines, Ships, Barges, Rail Cars

BRB/Sherline currently serves the degassing needs of California, Nevada and Arizona with its revolutionary 3-Phase Oxidation® technology, and will be expanding into Texas and other regions shortly.

The Ultimate Degassing Solution

3-Phase Oxidation® destroys VOC’s exponentially faster than any other system, which is ideal for degassing large storage tanks and transportation vessels. Our amazing 120,000 ppm HC Destruction Rate thrives on high HC concentration jobs such as tank refills. The degassing operation is often the limiting factor in the turnaround time for cleaning, repair and maintenance of storage tanks and transportation vessels. When the degassing portion of the cleaning job exceeds three hours it can push the project into the next day essentially costing everyone everyone 24-hours. Our dramatically reduced set-up and tear-down time and shorter run-time substantially reduces the possibility of jobs running overtime.

Oil and gas storage tanks, barges, pipelines, propane bullet tanks, rail cars—whatever your requirement might be, nothing compares to BRB/Sherline.