Disruptive Technology for
Vapor Destruction in the Oil & Gas Industry

Patented 3-Phase Oxidation® by BRB/Sherline

A Profound Game Changer

Quantum Leap Improvement

BRB/Sherline’s patented 3-Phase Oxidation® technology is a complete game changer for degassing services. It’s also a tremendous solution for many flare unit replacement applications in the oil industry. With massive vapor destruction capability on a small 8×12 footprint and true plug ‘n play functionality it’s the ultimate combination of high volume throughput on a system that is highly maneuverable for easy deployment and simplicity of operation in the field.

Time is Money

Degassing jobs are completed in a fraction of the time compared to thermal oxidizers. It takes only minutes to setup and tear down the system rather than hours. 8 times greater HC destruction rate means far more Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are destroyed for every cubic foot of throughput. The simplicity and ease in which 3-Phase Oxidation® gets the job done is absolutely unprecedented. This is indeed a huge breakthrough for the oil and gas industry.

A Whole New Way

Patented 3-Phase Oxidation® is a total reinvention of internal combustion methodology specifically for vapor destruction applications. VOC’s are consumed as the direct fuel source rather than using supplemental propane to burn the VOC’s like thermal oxidizers. Thus the carbon footprint is reduced by 90%. 3-Phase Oxidation® has no open flame and no high temperature stack thereby eliminating the hot work area issues that are inherent with thermal oxidizers.

Overwhelming Cost Advantage

3 Reasons Why 3-Phase Oxidation® is Less Expensive to Operate

Degassing Turnaround Time Reduced up to 80%

Set-up (and tear down) time takes only minutes, not hours like thermal oxidizers. With a flow rate at 5,000 cfm and an HC destruction rate at 120,000 ppm (+), 3-Phase Oxidation® gets the job done multiple times more quickly and efficiently. Tanks are put back into service faster, and tank cleaning, repair and maintenance crews go home early. Everyone saves money!

No Supplemental Propane Used

3-Phase Oxidation® uses the VOC’s as its direct fuel source, unlike thermal oxidizers, which burn propane to burn the VOC’s. Therefore the huge expense of supplemental propane is eliminated from the job cost, along with the hassle and expense of hauling in a propane tank.

Only One Operator

With true plug ‘n play controls our system is so user friendly that only one skilled operator is needed. Compared to thermal oxidizers, which typically require three or more skilled workers, 3-Phase Oxidation® reduces labor costs by at least 60%.

Much Safer

3 Reasons Why 3-Phase Oxidation® Has Far Less Safety Risk

No Open Flame

3-Phase Oxidation® combusts internally, so there is no flame burner (like thermal oxidizers), no high temp stack, and no hot work area issues.

Small, Safer to Maneuver System

3-Phase Oxidation® is deployed on a small 8×12 footprint. No oversized, top-heavy equipment, or extra supporting equipment like thermal oxidizers.

Minimal Time in Flammability Limits

With an exponentially faster HC Destruction rate, VOC’s are destroyed much more quickly, which minimizes time in the explosion limit range.

Much Cleaner

90% Lower Carbon Footprint vs. Thermal Oxidizers

Lowest Emissions

With a 99.9% vapor destruction efficiency BRB/Sherline meets or exceeds every regulatory emission limit. At virtually zero NOx, our game-changing technology raises the bar for Best Available Control Technology (BACT) standards in the future.

CFM Flow Rate


Hydrocarbon (HC) ppm Destruction Rate


Supplemental Propane Required


System Operators Required

“CFM” Alone is Not the
Pure Measure for Vapor Destruction

HC Destruction Rate is What Really Counts


CFM (“flow rate”) is only part of the equation as a measure of vapor destruction performance. With thermal oxidizers (most common method for high-volume degassing) the majority of air flow is derived from ambient “dilution” air, rather than actually processing vapors from the tank. The bottom line is that our proprietary 3-Phase Oxidation® system distinctly maximizes the air flow to vapor destruction ratio by measures that are absolutely unequaled. Put another way; we destroy up to 8x more ppm of hydrocarbons per cubic foot of flow vs. thermal oxidizers. We call this the Hydrocarbon (HC) Destruction Rate. Higher HC Destruction Rate translates into a radically shorter degassing run-time because vapors are consumed multiple times more efficiently and quickly.

*This chart illustrates how our higher HC Destruction Rate performs compared to thermal oxidizers based on a hypothetical degassing job for 120-foot diameter tank with floating roof on 6-foot legs (70,000 cubic foot vapor space), and 5,000 cfm flow rate for both systems. (For illustration purposes only. Each degassing job has unique variables such as sludge, etc. that can alter turnaround times.)