Continuously burning flare units at oil production well sites are unsightly and noisy, and have caused substantial human health and environmental damage, particularly as it relates to contributing to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the EPA, along with many state and local governments, have now implemented strict, new emissions regulations directly aimed at eliminating the massive flare unit problem.

3-Phase Oxidation’s® remarkable ability to process 500,000 to 5 million standard cubic feet per day of associated gas with a 99.9% destruction efficiency and low level of emissions, makes the system a great solution. In addition, BRB/Sherline’s technology can readily be configured with generators at remote oil production well sites to produce electricity, thus saving money and further reducing emissions by eliminating the cost of importing and operating air polluting diesel-powered equipment. Further, the system can also work in conjunction with existing “gas capture” technologies that extract for resale the valuable natural gas liquids (e.g. propane and butane) from the associated gas stream by destroying the low value methane and ethane components, which would otherwise still need to be flared.

In short, 3-Phase Oxidation® is an easy to use, safe, economic, environmentally friendly, and technically feasible solution to end flaring where there is a continuous flow of associated gas and processing infrastructure is nonexistent or insufficient to handle the volume of associated gas being produced.

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