Our Story

3-Phase Oxidation® was invented by one of the degassing industry’s leading innovators.  He was intimately familiar with the hassles and high cost of using thermal oxidizers (the primary method for high volume degassing), which drove him on a quest to come up with a better solution.

After years of experimenting with various concepts the basic idea for 3-Phase Oxidation® emerged. It was the result of complete “out of the box” thinking—a revolutionary approach. So we pulled together an expert team and resources to develop and patent this technology. After more than 5-years of arduous R&D effort and costly expense the ultimate degassing solution is here!

For the first time technology specifically designed for degassing has been developed from the ground up

When degassing was first mandated in the 1980’s by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) the only equipment available was pre-existing soil remediation systems (thermal oxidizers) that were adapted for this purpose, and not a lot has changed since then. Basically it’s still the same type of systems being used today. It gets the job done, but it’s slow and tedious, and extremely cumbersome to deploy and operate.

So we set out on a mission to create a whole new system

Our goal was straightforward; we wanted massive vapor destruction capability on a very small footprint with no open flame or extra supporting equipment, no supplemental propane and the lowest emissions…

And we achieved it.

Enter 3-Phase Oxidation®

Finally, there is a better way. It’s a whole new paradigm—a quantum leap forward, that sets the standard in vapor destruction for years to come with many applications worldwide.

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Our Team


CEO / Lead Investor

Drew Sherline is a 30+ year investor and CEO. He is in charge of general corporate oversight and establishing strategic resources and alliances to maximize the opportunity with our proprietary technology.


Vice President | Principal

The Wahler family founded Wahlco, one of the original pollution control equipment providers for the utilities industry. Wahlco has been a worldwide leader in environmental systems since 1972.