April 26, 2015

Tank Degassing
BRB / Sherline mobile degassing units were designed in-house to meet the unique requirements of the petroleum industry. Nobody else has our technology. Our system is 100% proprietary, and is exclusively owned and operated by BRB / Sherline, Inc.
Here is why our degassing services are significantly superior to all other alternatives:
1. Up to 8 times faster: BRB / Sherline mobile degassing units are a technological breakthrough that performs up to 80% faster than even the fastest alternative systems available in the market today. Our revolutionary system gets the job done literally in a fraction of the time far outperforming all other degassing providers.
2. Huge money savings: The amazing speed at which our machines operate reduces degassing time by as much as 80% so that tanks can be put back into service far more quickly. Such an extreme reduction in downtime can yield a cost savings of up to tens of thousands of dollars per day.
3. Maneuverable 12’ long trucks with extra-short wheelbase: The BRB / Sherline system is so compact that it fits on the bed of one small self-contained truck. No tractor/trailer or extra supporting trucks and equipment are required. We can easily maneuver in and out of the constrained conditions that are typical at oil refineries and tank farms.
4. Four wheel drive trucks easily handle all road and weather conditions: Our 4×4 trucks handle like off-road vehicles for safe and easy access in the most difficult conditions. Driving on uneven dirt roads, through mud on a rainy day, and up and down berms is no problem. We get on and off job sites without the struggle associated with large tractor/trailers and awkward heavy equipment.
5. One driver / operator: Our mobile degassing units are so easy to drive and operate that one person can handle most any job without the need for extra workers. One BRB / Sherline driver/operator can pull in and set up in minutes so there is no requirement for multi-person crews.
6. Greater safety: A single driver with one small 4×4 truck translates into much greater safety. There are fewer people on-site risking injuries and no large tractor/trailers or top-heavy equipment causing safety hazards. Faster turnaround also means much less time that accidents might happen. No matter how you evaluate it the risk of accidents and injuries is dramatically reduced with BRB / Sherline.
7. Degassing all types of tanks, barges and pipelines: There isn’t a project that BRB / Sherline can’t handle. We offer the most powerful and versatile system in the industry capable of servicing any requirement.
8. Lowest Emissions: Our system has the lowest emissions in the industry, far exceeding all AQMD requirements.
9. Total certification and compliance with AQMD environmental codes: We are in full compliance with all government departments exceeding all AQMD standards.
No matter how you evaluate it, nobody performs like BRB / Sherline. Faster. Easier. Safer. Call us today to discuss your project.

BRB / Sherline Story

Current technologies for degassing are either tediously slow or require large and heavy equipment that is clumsy and sometimes dangerous to operate. Therefore our goal was simple—to create a degassing machine that performs much more quickly while still being small enough to easily deploy and operate in the constrained environments that are common at oil companies.

Five years and almost 25,000 hours later the result far exceeded even the wildest objectives: A true technological marvel was produced—a degassing machine that performs up to 8 times faster than even the most powerful alternative systems, and yet is compact enough to fit on small 8×12 footprint.

This radical breakthrough enables BRB / Sherline to perform degassing up to 80% faster, while still being extremely portable for easy and safe deployment in the field. Exponentially faster, far more efficient, and much safer—BRB / Sherline sets a standard that nobody else can touch.